“Occupy Wall Street”-ers

(Me opining) I’ve always thought of greed as wanting something for nothing… However, Dictionary(.)com states “excessive or rapacious desire”. I believe the “occupy-ers” believe greed is something on the opposite side of the spectrum. One should ask “How did the 1% end up being the 1%? What were the steps they took to get there?”… Excessive or rapacious desire, possibly?

[Pardon the comparison, but…] Perhaps the journey from being nobody to being the BEST at anything manifests itself specifically through “excessive or rapacious desire”. That being said, I wonder if anybody is occupying Michael Jordan’s yard, or Wayne Gretzky’s yard… Or the yard of anybody else who is considered the BEST at anything…

I’m sure many of the 1% have worked incredibly hard to get there and stay there. This includes THINKING, usually taking risks that a sane human being wouldn’t dream of taking, adapting to situations and adversity, finding advantages where nobody else sees them, etc.

I believe those that really are greedy are the ones that want something for nothing, which is why those types will never be the BEST.

P.S. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter what you throw at the 1%, their “greed” will ALWAYS overcome and find an advantage somewhere… But good luck to the 99% anyway… Hahaha!

P.P.S. I hope the “occupy-ers” aren’t using (wearing, driving, listening to, etc.) anything that was made by any corporation, as that would seem to nullify just about any argument they could have against corporations…

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