Well… Today is THEE day… I checked my accounts and I have a Net Worth of more than ZERO. Very exciting! See the graph below:

Ag's Net Worth 05-27-2011 (Positive)

You’ll notice a small “blip” in the graph, there was a small issue with logging into one of my retirement accounts. It has been resolved. Anyway, I’m finally in the green!!! In other news, I’ve recently accepted a job with the University of Chicago which gives me a salary increase of about 25%. I’m still planning on breaking out on my own, but I’m not quite sure when. I’ve looked into MBA classes (at Chicago Booth School of Business). Just last night I took a class with Craig Wortmann who was recently in Inc. Magazine as having one of “The 10 Best Entrepreneurship Courses of 2011” which was very interesting. I’ve had other classes where the professors (literally) wrote their own textbooks, but not classes where the professors were featured in magazines. Anyway, I’m still trying to figure out which avenue I’m going to pursue. Who knows, but financially, I feel much better. 😉

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