Well… Today is THEE day… I checked my accounts and I have a Net Worth of more than ZERO. Very exciting! See the graph below: You’ll notice a small “blip” in the graph, there was a small issue with logging into one of my retirement accounts. It has been resolved. Anyway, I’m finally in the green!!! In other news, I’ve recently accepted a job with the University of Chicago which…

May 27, 2011

Sex / Monogamy / Virginity

Please don’t take any of this personally, these are just my thoughts and theories… I think there’s this perception that “pure” women are this “holy grail” and men are just trying to “get a piece”. What about a “pure” man? It seems like it’s the complete opposite for a man. It’s like you’re a loser if you haven’t “done it”. Some of my theories about the challenges of staying a…

May 5, 2011