November 26, 2008 (Wednesday)

MMS – 11 drops (Morning) No Drugs No Zapping Supparossa – Meat Tortellini WHOA!!! This stuff seemed to just kick in. Nothing but water coming out at this point. Which, if I remember correctly, is a sign of the Herxheimer Effect. Ultimately, it’s a good thing. The last time it was like this was a few months ago when I was on 15 drops. This time, however, I’m only on…

November 26, 2008

November 22, 2008 (Saturday)

MMS – 10 drops (Evening) No Drugs No Zapping McDonald’s Breakfast (AWESOME!!!) Candy (Junk food) The urgency has maintained a high level and isn’t really going anywhere. Most of it seems to be gas, but it’s back to being difficult to determine what will be excreted. Once again… ADVICE: DO NOT STOP TAKING MMS FOR A SIGNIFICANT TIME.

November 22, 2008

November 21, 2008 (Friday)

MMS – 10 drops (Morning) No Drugs No Zapping Coffee Rio Candies Pretzels Suparossa – Meat Tortellini The urgency has intensified over the course of the last few days. I’m not sure if I mentioned this about going on MMS the first time, but there is a sensation that resembles eating something very spicy the day before. In other words, my anus feels like it’s on fire right now. I…

November 21, 2008